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Peace Building

Our society is fragmented with the history of political struggles, religious bias, ethnic differences, territorial and historical claims. Wars and conflicts have been waged defending and justifying each claim.

Peace building is the centrality of all our intervention and recovery processes.

N2N is committed to Wage PEACE with all our programs and activities.

Our community centers are designed for Educational programs plays an important role educating and providing space in the process of peace building. We advocate for peace building and tolerance in all our programs. We train our staffs

and teachers to recognized potential issues in children, adults, and young people and how to respond, educate and create space for dialogue for those involved.


There are conflicts with roots in long-standing mistrust, and acts of violence. This has created a history and life of distrust and numbness towards the protection and welfare of our neighbors who hold different viewpoint. Such conflict has led to a cycle of violence in communities. It is a monumental challenge addressing the underlying causes and there is no clear cut solution, but creating a space for

people to come together and participate in related programs and activities will provide opportunity to share life experiences, discuss the problems and seek a common ground for peace. Aiming for a peace building and recovery process is an intentional investment in education in every aspect.

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