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As we are committed to Wage PEACE in a Broken world, we believe that whether you are addressing healthcare, poverty and hunger, unemployment or human rights, there is no better place to start than in the corridors of education be it formal or informal.


Our approach is community based which focuses on developing relevant education programs to families in and around our communities. Our objective is engaging families towards a sustained future.

Since the inception of our first Community Center in 2007, we now operate three Community Centers in different locations in Sulaymaniyah governorate and more than 30,000 participants have directly benefitted from our Education programs.


N2N community educational initiatives include Language classes (English, Arabic, Kurdish), Sewing (the oldest class offered), Designing, Hair dressing and styling, Aerobics and Zumba for women, Arts, Taekwondo, Ballet, Music (Guitar, Violin), Knitting, Book club, Language lab, and Remedial Education.


The latest addition to our portfolio of programs specializes in community outdoor education and that is the establishment of a Climbing School (Hawraz Climbing School) and construction of a climbing wall.

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