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As an organization, we supplement the effort of the local government in tackling existing and emerging societal issues not taking the absolute role in trying to solve ongoing and future identified societal needs. We have an established and growing partnership with different government institutions, some UN agencies and other non-governmental entities focusing in N2N main areas of intervention.

Our active relationships and partnerships are with the Ministry of Education, the ministry of Health, Sulaymaniyah Dental Association, University of Sulaymaniyah, University of Rania, Charmo university, Ministry of Social Welfare, International Organization of Migration, UNICEF, and many more.


Ministry of Education:

N2N relationship and partnership with the Ministry of Education has been of huge assistance to teachers, supervisors, and students of both government and private schools and universities. We are registered with the Ministry of Education as an organization with focus on Education and work in close

collaboration with the Directorate of Education in Sulaymaniyah.


- Teachers Training

All teachers need training and ongoing professional support. N2N has been focused to train and develop teachers teaching English as a second language. The is no existing Teachers Training College or Institute to train teachers in teaching methodology and with the growing interest and implementation by the

government to learn English as a second language, this is a major concern and need. Teachers original training has been compromised by their own education need. The chance to use continuing training to upgrade their skills are vital opportunities in these circumstances. We train English teachers so that they are knowledgeable in their subject and have the skills to share that knowledge

with their students. The teachers we work with are already in service, so we help create short intensive courses for them and school supervisors.

Our training covers everything from developing lesson plan to teaching methodology. We also focus on child phycology and equipping teachers and supervisors with the knowledge of working together as a functioning team.


- Universities

We have been providing educational seminars, workshops and trainings to students and lecturers from University of Sulaymaniyah, Charmo University, University of Rania and other Institutions of higher learning. We are active with the faculty of Music, Humanities, Computer Sciences, and school of Physical Education.

N2N has an agreement with these universities to receive students yearly for internship during summer breaks. The wide range of our intervention provide the students options as interns to be involve in different areas from teaching practice, humanitarian relief, Trauma healing, Environmental awareness, administrative duties and management.


- Kind Souls

The Kind Soul project is an initiative we presented to the Directorate of Education in Sulaymaniyah to bridge the gap between students from wealthy families and students from poor families. The success of our Education Child Sponsorship program prompted the Directorate of Education to issued us a permit

to operate in all schools in Sulaymaniyah. At the moment N2N is the only organization to hold such permit.

We visit schools and work with the school administration to identify poor and struggling students. This process is done with extreme privacy. This information will be presented with extreme privacy to wealthy students and families willing to commit to monthly support the education of the poor students. A sustainable society is getting the local people actively be involve in meeting the needs of the unprivileged population. This is the objective of the Kind Soul program.


Ministry of Health:

Our relationship with the Ministry of Health is vital to our intervention in the Health sector. We have an ongoing partnership with the Sulaymaniyah maternity Hospital to bring in Medical Experts from around the world to train and coach local medical staff. We are in a society whereby the local population have little confidence in their medical sector especially government operated medical facilities. To reassure the local population of their commitment towards the development of the medical sector, we have to be involved in a continue process of training and

coaching local medical staff in government facilities. We always have updated list of the kind of medical experts the Directorate of Health in Sulaymaniyah is

requesting to come in and train local medical staff. 


Sulaymaniyah Dental Association:

The Sulaymaniyah Dental Association is one of N2N valued partner in our intervention commitment to the people of Sulaymaniyah. Their collaboration has been very useful to secure permit to operate both our community Dental facility.

The administration of the Dental Association does invite us for regular meeting as an esteem partner in the humanitarian sector. Our current investment in the Dental sector is minimal but our strategy towards implementation in the future is valued by the Dental Association.


Ministry of Social Welfare:

Our partnership with the Ministry of Social Welfare is focused on addressing issues with the unprivileged population of widows and orphans. We collaborate in information sharing, data gathering and strategizing on how our intervention will be of long-term impact to these vulnerable and unprivileged population.

The government operate different shelters for women and an orphanage in Sulaymaniyah. N2N is invited to partner with the orphanage to provide Psychosocial training to all the orphanage staff on a regular basis.


International Organization of Migration (IOM):

IOM is responsible to monitor migration and strategizes on how to integrate returnees and those deported back into respective communities. N2N have an existing partnership with IOM in skill development and training for returnees.

Our Community Centers offers courses in Skill development and training from Sewing, Hair styling, and Designing for both men and women. IOM fund the courses for the participants with the objective towards livelihood and self-sufficiency.


UN Agencies:

As part of our humanitarian effort and intervention, we work in close collaboration and partnership with some UN Agencies. UNICEF plays a major role towards the education of vulnerable kids. Our Community Centers are used for some classes for kids. There are several cluster meetings organize by different UN Agencies under the umbrella of OCHA to monitor and coordinate the level of intervention by each local and international player to avoid duplication in the field.

The Community Center N2N have at the Ashti IDP camp is a UNICEF structure given to N2N for activities in proximity to those who will benefit from our continue intervention in Education and Skill development.

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