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In a nation with reoccurrence crisis, anytime it occurs not only is the welfare of the people at risk, but it destabilizes the future of families in communities and shatters the foundation of the society.

Since 2003 when we had an established presence in Northern Iraq, our team has been working to provide humanitarian support to vulnerable populations through a multi-sectoral response to communities’ need.

Our local teams implement a comprehensive response ranging from Education, Health Care, Emergency Relief and Livelihood, Human Development, Local Team Building, and Peace Building in Sulaymaniyah governorate.

Being a nation that has suffered major crises, N2N approach to intervention is both pre and post crisis vulnerability.

Given these conditions, N2N has gradually adapted its programming from a community base concept and a sustainable approach which is vital for progress, stability, and the rebuilding of shattered lives.

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Empowered and sustained communities are at the heart of our approach to Community Health care.

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Our approach is community based which focuses on developing relevant education programs to families in and around our communities.

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N2N has been involved in Relief and Livelihood from the conception of our established presence in Northern Iraq.

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N2N is engaging the younger generations to be involved and address ongoing and emerging social issues. 

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N2N is committed to Wage PEACE with all our programs and activities.

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We have an established and growing partnership with different government institutions

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