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Local Team Development

For lasting change to be affected, the younger generation should be able to understand the past, identify the present problems and be part of an immediate and future solution. N2N is engaging the younger generation to be involve in addressing ongoing and emerging societal issues.


Most often organization are focused on getting the job done by addressing current and emerging problem and in that process forget the most important asset, human development specifically the development of the younger generation. We are committed to working along with and developing the local younger generation towards a possible solution to societal struggles.


N2N team established Local teams of young people mostly university students with different interest to be involve in addressing identified societal problems. Each of these teams have a representation in N2N weekly meetings for training, updates, and shared knowledge of how to tackle some of societal current and emerging issues. Once a month all the teams will meet at different sessions for trainings.


Volunteer Team:

Volunteering is new in this context. Encouraging the younger generation to volunteer with N2N developed programs and activities in the communities is a great step towards a lasting impact. Our local volunteer team has been involved with the refugees and IDP’s relief and livelihood recovery process in and out of the camps and our community centers. The impact can be seen as many more young people are willing to join our volunteer team and some professors at the university signed up as part of the team.


Environmental Team: 

Our local Environmental team is made up of university students interested in climate change and environmental protection. The team is involved in environmental cleanups, awareness training, seminars and workshop in different school and colleges and recruiting more youth with similar interest.

The administration of many high schools in the city requested for an awareness seminar and a day out with the students. We are realizing a growing impact and interest among the younger generation what it means to care for our environment.


Translation Team: 

With the growing interest of learning English as a second language and our intensity in training, workshops and seminars, a team was created for translation and interpretation. There are always training materials in English to be translated into the local language for seminars and workshops and the need for interpretation whenever we have foreign teachers and facilitators.

N2N team is active in developing and exposing participants in this team to a level of competence to be of positive influence in their communities. Some of the team member have expressed the desire to be developed as professional translators and interpreters something that us urgently needed in this context.

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