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Empowered and sustained communities are at the heart of our approach to Community Health care.

N2N intervention in the health sector is mainly focused on Dental Hygiene education, Dental preventive

care, and basic treatment.

N2N provide sustained Dental education and services to the unprivileged majority in our communities,

refugees and IDPs in and out of the camps who cannot afford constant Dental services, treatments, and preventive care. We provide Dental education to schools with teams of local volunteers and visiting experts. We work in partnership with the Directorate of Health and the Dental Association of


Family Dental Clinic is an evolution of our mobile dental services to different unprivileged communities way back in the early 2000s when we started our relief intervention in the city of Sulaymaniyah, Kurdish Region of Northern Iraq.


Family Dental Clinic is the first of many small Dental clinics N2N hopes to establish in different

challenged communities to operate and sustained with local funds generated, full community

participation and the involvement of local Dentist.

The establishment of Family Dental Clinic was welcome in the Rapareen community where no Dental services is provided in a proximity. We saw the influx of families and their participation to benefit from our Dental education and services provided.

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